Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Second Coolest Wedding of the 21st Century!

A Celebration in Photos and Text.
(Click on any pic to enlarge it.)

Above: Newlyweirds Bill and Ariann.

The COOLEST wedding of the 21st century was mine, of course--just because it was mine. (You think I'm gonna rank someone else's ahead o' my own? THAT's a ticket to divorce city!) But a wedding that came within a molecule of being as cool was held on Halloween just past. Good friends Bill and Ariann, after a courtship of several years, finally tied the knot in a beautiful Samhain scare-a-mony, and Jane and I attended.

(I'm late in posting on this, but I like making one last Halloween-related posted close to Thanksgiving, when I absolutely have to confront the fact that the Halloween season is over, and this is the very best Halloween post I could make!)

The nuptials were witnessed by many friends and family members, and the event was a joyous, fun occasion. My voodoo queen wife made special "vampire bite" cookies for the event, and I deejayed some music for the wedding and reception and got the toasts to the wedded gruesome twosome started.

Here are pictures that prove that Bill and Ariann are two cool ghouls finally joined in unholy headlock! (I mean, WEDLOCK! "Headlock" is what my wife and I are joined in.) Take a look--

The Setting and Decor.
(Most of it was brought from Bill and Ariann's house, which looks haunted all the year 'round!)

Before the Ceremony: The Betrothed.

A friend with the groom.

The groom and his son.

The bride-to-be and her parents.

The Guests.

This is me. I strapped on my rather unreliable gas-powered prosthetic body for the occasion, suited and masked up, and was ready to party.

This is bridesmaid Candy and my own Halloween bride Jane. We married Halloween of 2005.

Some of the other ghoulish guests--

There were dead heads present.

This witch came to the wedding by mistake! She thought she had come to a Halloween party she was looking for!

A Wedding Present.

One of the gifts, embroidered by the bride's mom.

The Ceremony and Reception.

Ariann, anxious to wed her beloved Bill, and members of the wedding party just before the start of the marriage ritual.

The groom and his best men, cool and collected.

The wedding party moves to the main hall.

Awaiting the bride to be.

The vows are said.Everyone is happy.
The marriage celebrated, the wedding party gathers for photos.

Congratulations commence as the reception begins.

Is he insanely happy or just insane? You decide. (I know he's nuts for Ariann!)

A fog machine was turned on during the reception, and it made things fuzzier at one point.

But it made everyone look a little younger!

The Desserts.

Bill and Ariann got their just desserts--each other!--and after the dinner, we all got one sweet deal at the end of the buffet line--just look:

Everyone got a homemade chocolate skull or rat from the newly married couple.

And what's a magickal gathering without a brew in the cauldron? (Yes, that is an actual brand of java!)

The Cutting of the Cake.

The slashers with their victim.

Toasts are made, a few tears of happiness are shed, and some kisses are exchanged...

Everyone has a kooky, spooky time. Love is in the air! And when it is all over...

Every body leaves with macabre and merry memories and a bag o' treats.

Kong-grab-you-lations to Bill and Ariann!


Hollygoyle said...

THAT is so COOL! I love the bride's dress. Simply smashing!

KW said...


Max the drunken severed head said...

Holly, Keith--

Thanks for commenting. I'm sure your compliments will please Bill and Ariann!

Bill and Ariann said...

Wow! We are so happy that you put all these great pics up, along with your wonderful write up & captions! Thank you for your excellent photographic work and also for responding so helpfully to our wedding's musical crisis. You helped save the day!


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