Sunday, December 20, 2009

"The Last Picture Show"

Everything here on Spring Hill is covered with a blanket of snow, and with the trees across the street being denuded by winter, I can see through the bone-like branches to another hill a few miles away. From my porch, I can see that on the side of that hill is a cemetery.

I love seeing cemeteries when their is snow on the ground. Somehow they are more beautiful then.

Slate has an interesting essay on the "surprising beauty of portraits on gravestones" with a good slideshow attached. (The pic just above comes from the slideshow.) Check it out here.

And to see some very odd gravestones, click on this link to a Mental Floss item.


irockmadpumas said...


Let's go to Homewood Cemetery soon; prize-winning surnames on tombstones that I've seen: "Tomb" and "Coward"


Max the drunken severed head said...

Yeah, let's! Soon, soon, soon!

Bring the cocktail olives, I'll supply the rest!


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