Friday, February 12, 2010

Getting a high 5 for opening my yap

We severed heads who drink must be irresistibly cute, like an LOL cat or a pink tarantula. I say that because I keep getting virtual high fives* for my blog, which has no redeeming features whatsoever! Once more, I've been given an award-type badge-o-honor from another blogger that I admire, and this time, I've been praised just for saying my opinions!

Chris Davis, the Frog Queen (or "The Ribbeting Royal" as I like to call her), has given me a "Best Blog Comments Award." I'm very grateful for the honor, but I think I got this more for my supportive comments at various blogs than for my being particularly pithy. (Ith not nith to be pithy to folkth!) Chris' blog is Frog on the Pumpkin, a very nice Halloween blog that's good for cool tricks and treats all year 'round. Anyway, at this page she sweetly dripped some honeyed words on TDSH. (Glad it's winter, or I'd have ants on my blog. Maybe Frog Queens eat ants?)

Chris and her husband are expert haunted yard attraction creators who have won awards for their talented and elaborate Halloween displays. You can see their work at the site Davis Graveyard.

Thanks, Chris! Soon I'll post my list of awardees.

Here's a pic of the frog on her banner. I'm not sure if this is a girl frog on a pumpkin or a very proud boy frog resting on a brightly colored part of his anatomy, but she or he sure is cute!


* As opposed to real high fives, which I get a lot of too--my wife and friends just smack me on the forehead, since I have no palms to hit. They like me so much, I'm beginning to get a sloping forehead!


ShellHawk said...

Wait- Wath that a comment from an Igor?
Thurley not!

Max the drunken severed head said...

You mean "Eye-gore."

Frederick Fronkensteen

Chris 'Frog Queen' Davis said...

Sorry I missed this post! You are so welcome. :)

And yes, only one of my friends has made a comment on my frog with large orange balls....I thought more people would have made fun of that....I think it is hysterical :D

Anyway, thanks as always for stopping by.


Max the drunken severed head said...

Cheerth to you too!


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