Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Final Girl vs. Spider Baby

Spider Baby stars Carol Ohmart and Sid Haig in a TV ad for a perfumed Danish hand lotion, Sniphmineffinkers.

That funny and finely-writ blog Final Girl has posted a review of the low-budget blackly-comic cinematic gem Spider Baby. Here's the opening paragraph:

"You know what people love? People love Jack Hill's Spider Baby. It's got a certain something something that appeals to the monster kid in all of us (yes, I'm speaking for all of us). It's not just a movie one admires, hates, or feels decidedly "meh" about; no, Spider Baby (1968) is a movie you want to hug. What can I say? I do so love a family of homicidal cuckoo nutsos."

FG 's Stacie Ponder covers the movie as part of her "Final Film Club," where she gets a variety of blogs to post about the same flick at the same time. It's just part off her blogging charisma. (I had wanted to join in the Spider Baby review fun too, but I just didn't have the time, alas and alack.) Check out Stacie's take on this cult classic here-- and then check out her links to all the other Spider Baby blog awesomeness.

The name "Final Girl" makes me think of Funny Girl, which leads me to imagine Barbara Streisand battling Michael Myers in Halloween.



irockmadpumas said...

Max, I hope you think more of me since I not only saw this movie in high school, watched it for at least three nights in a row, high, laughing my ass off, but I actually own it!

deadlydolls said...

Barbara Streisand vs. Michael Myers...why hasn't that film been made yet? Then there can be a Bette Midler vs. Freddy Krueger installment, and finally, a giant crossover that throws in the third Destiny's Child and John Ritter's other kids.

Make that happen please.


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