Friday, June 4, 2010

Wonderfest and the Rondos, Pt. 7: The Models

Don't let the subject line fool ya. I don't mean models of the swimsuit or runway variety, but the kind made of plastic or resin that you assemble. Of course, we've all seen some human models with certain plastic parts...

Okay, okay-- I know that you fellow manly men want to see a few of the lovely women at this year's Wonderfest before you see the other kind of figures. (And there was quite a variety of fantastic figures assembled and painted to be seen at the convention.) So here ya go-- here's one of the gorgeous gals I saw:

Of course, I mean the well-assembled figure on the right, not the grizzled guy on the left. That guy's my friend Frank Dietz, an actor, animator, one of America's supreme caricaturists, and all-around swell guy. But let's cut Frank outta the picture for the pleasure of pure pulchritude! Feast your eyes on the fine feminine features of this smart and talented woman:

Ah, that's better! This is Belle Dee Bilbrey, a top-notch illustrator, artist and horror blogger. She's the genius behind the Doo Wacka Doodles and Oh! So Spooky. Oh! So Scary. blogs, two of my faves. I was lucky to meet her this year. I bought prints from both her and Frank because they are both so amazingly gifted.

Now here's author Tim Lucas (of Video Watchdog fame) with the beautiful Sara Bellum, who makes my brain hard:
Oops! Seem to have caught them in a compromising moment! Well, no need to cut Tim out of the picture, because his wife Donna seems to ready to do that on her own:

I wonder what possible object for inducing blunt trauma Donna has behind her back?

Okay-- you know I'm kidding. No rumor-mongering, please. (Other forms of mongering allowed, if you have a license.) This was all graciously posed by Tim, Sara and Donna, who are all fun and stimulating to talk to-- and VERY good-humored. (Boy! The things ya gotta say to keep from getting sued. I'd be annoyed, except I mean every word!)

Here's another attractive person of the double x-chromosome persuasion, Carrie Galloway:

It was difficult not to gaze at her torso-- but look at the cartoon on her shirt! Made me smile! You'd stare at her torso and grin too! (This pretty woman said she'd gotten a lot of compliments on her shirt.)

Belle Dee, Sara and the nameless gal above are all single I believe. (I tell my guy readers this so they can pretend to themselves they've got a shot. Hah!) There were many beautiful and interesting married women there, too, but posting all their pics would eat up all my available bandwidth.

Okay, on to the amazing sculptures and models of sci-fi, horror and fantasy seen at Wonderfest. I'll start with Frankie--

Boris Karloff from SON OF FRANKENSTEIN

Lon Chaney as THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA and Nosferatu

Peter Lorre from MAD LOVE

Fred Gwynne's "Herman Munster"

John Barrymore from DR. JEKYLL AND MR. HYDE

Schlitzie from FREAKS

A potpourri of movie monsters

Pumkinhead meets the Wolf Man

Lon Chaney, Sr., the "Man of a Thousand Faces"

The Fly meets a Saucer-Man from another planet

A very detailed bust of Mr. Barlow from SALEM'S LOT

And I'll end with Frankie:


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Yup, all the models were great!

Mike C. said...

Gorgeous, and gorgeous! That Charlie Brown shirt rocks, too!
But it's Pumpkinhead with the Wolf Man, not Rawhead Rex (unless I'm missing some joke, a trait for which I am famous).
Nice to see Frank too. Deitz AND 'enstein'.
Excellent imagery as usual, Max.

Max the drunken severed head said...

Alex, I assume you mean both the organic and non-organic ones?

Mike-- Thanks for pointing out the slip-up. I thought it was Pumpkinhead, but messed up. Anyway, thanks to you, I have corrected the mistake.

Chris 'Frog Queen' Davis said...

Oh my that Lon Chaney 'Man of a Thousand Faces' piece is stunning. One of my favorite movies!

Thanks for sharing!!


John Rozum said...

Before I was just smitten with Belle Dee for her artwork.

Another fine post making me wish I'd been there myself.

Carrie said...

Where can I buy these? I want ALL of them!!!

thiswomanswork said...

There is so much artistic talent out there! Thanks for sharing with us Mr. Max.


Jay Watson said...

Excellent pics (again) Max, thanks for sharing them with us joes who couldn't be there in person. Belle is as delightful a person in her photogenic pics as her delightfully unique and stunning drawings are to gaze on via her blog.

Belle Dee said...

Ah yes! Me after a night of random sleep & 4 hours in a car. But what a wonderful time I had! I wish Wonderfest was a whole week. It seemed like I didn't get enough time to hang out with all my new friends!


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