Thursday, November 11, 2010

Art for (he)art's sake

"I don't know anything about art, but I know what I like."-- Nonsense verse poet Gelett Burgess

Below is an article about art and an artist that I know I like. (I think you will too.) The art consists of drawings of menacing monster, and the artist is five year old Aidan Reed. Here, read this excerpt of an article from The Huffington Post by Laura Bassett:

Family Sells Boy's Monster Drawings On Etsy To Help Pay For His Chemo

"Every day, Aidan Reed, a five-year-old with acute lymphoblastic leukemia, finds time between his chemotherapy treatments, painful spinal taps and oncologist checkups for his favorite hobby: drawing pictures of monsters.

"'Drawing monsters was his second favorite hobby before he got sick,' Aidan's dad, Wylie Reed, told Huffpost. 'His first hobby was dressing up in costumes and acting out whatever character he was dressed as. But he's a little more lethargic now from the chemo and all the treatments, so he just keeps up with the drawings.'

"Aidan's aunt Mandi, 26, was frustrated by the fact that she couldn't be with her nephew's family in their hometown of Clearwater, Kansas, to offer comfort when the leukemia was diagnosed, so she came up with an idea to help from afar: She would turn Aidan's colorful monster drawings into frameable prints, sell them on Etsy, and donate the proceeds to Aidan's parents for help with his treatments."


This is Aidan (as Chucky) and his dad Wylie. (Looks like Aidan is the wiley one!) YOU can buy one of Aidan's wonderful but inexpensive artworks by going to his Etsy page HERE.

Aidan's family has a blog here. Take a look!

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