Thursday, December 9, 2010

Funny license plate

So the Voodoo Queen and I were out and about and saw this word on a personalized license plate:

We laughed and asked the car's driver why he had that as a plate. He told us he'd requested it just to see what he could get past the Department of Motor Vehicles. (I'm guessing the clerk who processed the request thought it was foreign name!)

Here, see for yourself:

Sadly, the driver's name was not Richard.


Coop said...

New Frankenstein Monster cards in over at Come check 'em out folks.

Fester said...

All I could think of was:

Inga: He vould have an enormous schwanzstucker.
Dr. Frederick Frankenstein: That goes without saying.
Inga: Voof.
Igor: He's going to be very popular.


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