Saturday, December 25, 2010

TDSH Classic: Yule be stunned [with UPDATE]

Below is a Christmas-themed post from two years ago showcasing the jaw-dropping amount of lighted Christmas decor one person's house in this area had on display every year. A glorious and garish delight! People would drive in a circle around this house to see all the lights-and-plastic holiday scenes and could donate money to charity in a box at the end if they wished. Jane and I went the other night to see it again, but sadly, it was no more. Look through the photos, then at the end read the sad update posted as an epilogue.


Tomorrow (or the day after, depending on which culture's tradition you follow) is the last day of the 12 days of Christmas. Well, any holiday that brings out so much kitsch, conflict, naked greed, corporate anxiety, AND genuine goodwill and thoughtful humility, is a holiday to keep posting about after its official day is done.

The day after Christmas, the Voodoo Queen and I kept out holiday cheer going a bit longer by driving out to a neighborhood known for its outdoor Christmas displays. One house in particular so amazed us with its overkill that we had to take pictures and share them with you.

Tacky or wonderfully wacky? You decide.



The home with loads of lights is in the Pittsburgh suburb of Ross Township. Located on Fairley Drive, a short, narrow looping road, this house sits in the middle of the circle.

This Yuletide of 2010, instead of glowing overload for the eyes--

Photo source Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

--you see this when you drive up:

Very sad.

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