Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Get clubbed!

Growing up, did you ever feel you were a weirdo? And now, you realize you've never grown up? Well, the Head says to head over to The Strange Kids Club, one of the grooviest and ghouliest blogzines I've ever seen. For the month of August, SKC is having a Homemade Halloween Costume Contest, where the chosen photographs will get these fabulous prizes:  $125 in Halloween and Strange Kids Club-related merchandise including:
    Limited Edition Monster Squad Poster illustrated by Corlen Kruger and SIGNED by FRED DEKKER  
    Limited Edition Strange Kid T-Shirt illustrated by Glen Brogan 
    FREE copy of the SKC Comix Anthology #2
 AND MORE! Go here to get more info, toots.

Also, this week the SKC is putting the spotlight on Jose Cruz, the man behind From Beyond Depraved and now the new site MEPHISTO'S CASTLE

Jose has a wide-ranging curiosity (read: his mind wanders) and a love of horror and weirdness in all its forms, but is a "classic monster kid" at heart.

Check out his cool-looking new site and read what he has to say. That is, after you check out the SKC and what club owner and chief Rondal Scott has to share!


Zombie said...

I always felt like I was weird growing up. lol.

Strange Kid said...

Thanks for the shout-out, Max! Weirdos of the world unite, haha.

I wanted to add that entries for the Costume Contest don't necessarily have to be made specifically for this contest (though that's the idea). Photos submissions from anytime within the past year would qualify as well.

Jose Cruz said...

Eegads! My gaping maw on the Drunken Severed Head's blog? For a few seconds I thought I had been dipping into Max's tank of vintage brine!

Thanks very much for the write-up, good sir. Mighty kind of you. Should we have a feast ala Freaks to commemorate this gathering of bizarros? One of us, one of us!

Chris 'Frog Queen' Davis said...

Thanks for the heads up!! This is very cool!!

Off to share this on my blog if that is okay :)


K. said...



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