Thursday, August 18, 2011

Cool cartoons for a warm day

I found some cartoons from Mad and The New Yorker on my hard drive that a friend photocopied and sent to me. All rights belong to the artists and magazines the cartoons appeared in and are shared here only temporarily.

Ah, the great black-and-white art of the amazing Sergio Aragones, a cartoonist who has been both prolific AND funny for several decades.

Currently at The New Yorker website, this cartoon from their regular feature "Caption Contest" is on display:

 My favorite suggested caption reads "We're sorry about your cat, but he was eating the slower children."
It was submitted by Steven Woof of Aventura, Florida.


Suzanne said...

Very cool cartoons! I know I have seen the one with the family photo somewhere before!

Zombie said...

I like the one where Dracula gets drunk off the drunk guys blood. lol.


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