Thursday, August 11, 2011

SHADOWS AND SCREAMS... a whimsical horror website I discovered last month, and I think might enjoy taking a tour there:

The dapper-but-insane host is another geeky guy like me hiding behind a persona creepy cemetery caretaker Myron Morbidio.Right now Myron's got up an interview with Lucy Chase Williams, a friend of genre great Vincent Price and author of the essential reference work The Complete Films of Vincent Price.

Morbidio also has monthly contests with cool prizes. For the rest of August, you can enter his Star Trek contest. (Trek creator Gene Roddenberry was born in August.

Shadows and Screams says "our latest contest asks you to incorporate something Trek-ish into a well-known horror film title to create some fresh interstellar spookiness. Examples? How about Data of the Dead, FranKahnStein, or Who Sulu Auntie Roo?

"Whether you are an obsessive Trekkie, secluded in your basement compiling a list of inconsistencies in Deep Space 9 episodes, or just a casual fan, we invite you to better these offerings and those of your fellow entrants.  The (ahem) most enterprising entrant will win his or her choice of 3 terrific recent sci-fi/horror films on DVD: The Mist (2-disc special edition), Splice, or Daybreakers."

Click here to read the rules and usual disclaimers.  Hurry! Entry deadline is August 30

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