Saturday, September 3, 2011

Oh my god...

Does no one have taste anymore? Look at the banner found here, and you'll be surprised at what people want.

Don't look on a full stomach.


Jose Cruz said...

Yecccch! I mean, YAY! Glad to see you have such an attractive new place of residence, Max. Maybe Blogger can regain some of its dignity now.


All kidding aside, congrats and looking forward to your pus, I mean, posts!

Anonymous said...

It had to happen... it just HAD to happen!

Fester said...

By Jove!

The UMA has gone too far this time! I shall write a letter to The Times about this!

Dear Editors:

It has come to my attention that The Universal Monster Army has now included a "blog" by a so-called "Drunken Severed Head!" Will these outrages never cease? It was bad enough when "Don't ask--don't tell" was repealed and suddenly we were inundated with reports of transvestite zombies. I have hunted the undead for thirty years and only a very few were actual transvestites.

Cancel my subscription!

Colonel Cyril Fotheringay-Phipps,OBE,DSO,DFC,BFD,LSMFT,Ret. (Mrs.)

Glen said...

Oy, what's this world coming to? Now I've seen everything. Simply tasteless...


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