Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Answer in the form of a question!

Here's Alex Trebek with Halloween Jeopardy!

Cat-e-gory: Rated 'R'
(Each answer contains clues for TWO words; the first word becomes a second, Halloween-related word when an 'r' is added to it or taken from it!)

1. The answer is: A very small bloodsucker--THEN--Not a treat

2. The answer is:  A bad child--THEN--A winged mammal

3. Opposite of "took'--THEN--A resting place

4. The answer is: Something suckled--THEN--Not a trick

5. A rude, obnoxious person--THEN--A specter's cry

6. A loud noise--THEN--A sorceress' mode of transportation

Cat-e-goryHomophones (words that sound like other words with other spellings)

This enchanting Halloween icon is also an adjective used when asking about "a particular one."

Which one of you will respond correctly?


Allen's Brain said...

Isn't that "homophone"? Homonyms are spelled the same but pronounced differently, I think, like "record."

Love the last line, btw!

Max the drunken severed head said...

Darn ya, you're right! I goofed.

I would make a cheap joke about a homophone, but it wouldn't reflect my real outlook, so you can make one up on your own.

Lisa said...

I'll take Rated R, please!
1. What is tick / trick?
2. What is brat / bat?
3. What is gave / grave?
4. What is teat / treat?
5. What is boor / boo?
6. What is boom / broom?

Max the drunken severed head said...

And Lisa takes the lead!


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