Sunday, October 2, 2011

Celebrate Halloween with Franken-fromage!

I've seen some pretty cheesy Frankenstein items in my time.

And there is concern by some environmentalists about the creation and sale of "Franken-foods."

But this is the cheesiest Franken-food I've ever seen!

From a past issue of Taste of Home magazine comes this picture of a Frankenstein-shaped cheeseball. Perfect for guests who come over to watch Frankenstein Meets The Space Monster.

Below, you can read the recipe for this creepy cheesy comestible by clicking on the photo to enlarge it.

At the Taste of Home website, you can also see their online Halloween articles here, and read Christy Hinrichs' recipe for making "Dracula cookies" here.

Bone appetit!

1 comment:

Joe C. said...

It's good to see that some people are still having fun with Halloween and not taking everything so seriously! Franken-Frommage looks downright tasty!


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