Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Recommended: "The Presence of Price"

Maybe I'm a turkey for promoting/applauding something I had a hand in (but it's Thanksgiving, so eat me.) But I'm really, truly pleased to share a heart-warming article today that celebrates this Vincent Price birthday centennial year.

Journalist Raymond Castile and I have co-authored an article sharing the thoughts and experiences of a number of Price's fans (including the ever-thoughtful Tim Lucas of Video Watchdog and the never-thoughtful me) and those of Price co-stars David Hedison, Brett Halsey, Charles Herbert & Terry Moore. Raymond and I attended the impressive St. Louis Vincentennial, and he did some great interviews there. I attended the Monster Bash Octoberfest later, and I did some interviews about Vincent Price there.


If that's not enough, Famous Monsters of Filmland issue #254 celebrates the Vincent Price centennial and can be ordered here.

Art by R.J. Shay for the Vincentennial at the Star Clipper gallery in St. Louis.

More of Raymond’s acclaimed reportage and photography is found in the fine first issue of Monsterpalooza magazine, which has very nice work by a number of writers and artists. Order it here.

And I should add that the impressive second issue of Undying Monsters commemorates well 100 years of Vincent Price. Find it here.

I love what Vincentennial organizer Tom Stockman accomplished. I loved Ron Adam's Monster Bash (where Price's co-stars appeared.) And my Rondo-winning friend Raymond is a talented, perceptive reporter and writer. I'm grateful to all of them!

And of course, any spotlight on Vincent Price is welcome to my eyes. Yours too, I'm guessing. Happy Thanksgiving!

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