Sunday, March 18, 2007

Alas, no more Fux

Sadly, the drunken severed head has learned that an unsung but talented character actor, Austrian Herbert Fux, has died. He appeared in films like LADY DRACULA, LADY FRANKENSTEIN, THE QUILLER MEMORANDUM, MARK OF THE DEVIL, Jess Franco's JACK THE RIPPER, and Bergman's THE SERPENT'S EGG.

I think he looked like Boris Karloff and Al Pacino rolled into one person.

A nice tribute to Fux can be found at the Movie Morlocks website:

Thankfully, we still have baseball player Russell "Rusty" Kuntz and real estate attorney Lawrence Suchs with us. But the star of THE GHOST SHIP, actor Richard Dix, is long gone.


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