Saturday, March 17, 2007

The "LOST" Remco monster toy!

I don't know how many of you monster toy experts are aware of the 4th Addams Family member in the Remco figure series from the 60s. No, it wasn't Gomez. Along with Morticia, Lurch, and Uncle Fester, there was also 2nd Cousin MAX, the Drunken Severed Head. Unfortunatly, society in the 60s was not ready for such a ghastly looking toy and the loveable inebriate never made it past the prototype stage (he was also dumped off of the TV show pilot- after he was caught using Cousin It to mop up the booze he spilled).

Happily, the Remco prototype still exists! So now ~ for your viewing pleasure~ seen here for the 1st time, I present the "lost" Remco figure of MAX !!!
By the way, as noted on the box, Max sticks to the dashboard.
Monster Hugs! -------------Richard Olson


Anonymous said...

Well, I can see why it has remained lost for all these years. Think of the dust it would've collected--especially in the facial hair. No dobut Cousin Max was nixed along with "Uncle Nick-Knack", "Aunt Singe and "Cousin Blob".


Famous Monster of Mpls said...

Yikes! That's ghastly! Remco was correct in deciding not to release such a hideous-looking figure. Better suited to have debuted as a Munsters toy; the Addam's Family didn't rely on make-up laden actors for it's scare factor.

Best, Terry.
The Appalled Monster of Castle Famous.


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