Thursday, March 15, 2007

I'm sorry!

Here you are, and I haven't offered you a drink. Well, I can't make one for you, but here, try this out:

You readers under 21 will be happy to know I have a concoction I can foist off on you without all that bad old booze:

But don't imbibe in copious quantities, or YOU may wind up like the people seen here:



OldEnough said...

That canmag thing is hilarious. And seriously, any good vampire blogs?

OldEnough said...

oh wait, you totally answered that already. and i posted twice. whoops.

Allen said...

Oh man! speaking of drunk pranks, remember that time you got so sloshed and then woke up with your head in a bed pan full of mad scientist's revivification serum? And you were telepathically communicating with that mutant in the closet?
Then, while the doctor was out, his assistant came down to the lab, and you told the mutant to kill him?
Remember that? Wasn't that hilarious?
What do you mean, that was "The Brain that Wouldn't Die"?

Crud! Now, who will refill my brain tank with Redneck Zombies?

Anonymous said...

Are any of you out there aware of the fact that the moniker of "Drunken Severed Head" very nearly went to Truman Capote back in the early 1960's? Seems little Truman somehow managed to get his head caught in the elevator doors in a posh San Francisco hotel, but as luck would have it someone pried his head loose and life went on.
I'm not making this up, you know!

"Meek"(I seen it in a book)


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