Thursday, March 15, 2007

Take a ride in the dark

When I was small, my seven-years-older brother would ride me around through my grandparents' woodsy back yard in a wheelbarrow. In a spooky voice, he'd describe a carnival "dark ride" we'd pretend to take. Other times, we'd collaborate on drawing designs of a fantasy "dark ride" we would want to go through. My brother was a great companion to go through childhood with.

Recently, via the informative text and numerous photos by blogger Kirk D. at the Secret Fun Blog, a virtual tour of a classic dark ride was posted online. Sadly, the ride (called "Phantasmagoria"), is now shuttered, along with the rest of the Tulsa attraction it was a part of, Bell's Amusement Park. (However, it appears the theme park will reopen at a new location, featuring a rather different dark ride, also called "Phantasmagoria".)

So go on this ride via your monitor. SEE hidden doors used by security! SEE the creatures that haunted it, up close and in the light! SEE lots of Day-Glo spray paint! You'll have a blast!


OldEnough said...

Wow, I love vampires. Are there a lot of vampire blogs? You know any good ones?

Max said...

No. They all suck.


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