Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Reactions to Freddie Francis' death, and interviews

Some of Mr. Francis' work (such as in THE SKULL and THE ELEPHANT MAN) have affected the look and content of my nightmares. I am still rather saddened to know Mr. Francis is gone.

If there is an afterlife, I sure would like to know what Karl Freund and Freddie Francis discuss!

Here are some quotable and/or interesting reactions on the web to Freddie Francis' passing:

"Francis takes a lot of cinema history with him... but luckily he left a hell of a lot of it behind."
--Richard Harland Smith, at the Classic Horror Film Board and site

[To Mr. Francis] " God bless you.

"And thank you for guiding our eyes and our senses...through the most
dire of circumstances.

"Enjoy your train ride with the pleasant Dr. Shrek... paradise awaits."
--Prof. Anton Griffin (J. Fotinos) at the Universal Monster Army

"One of the few DPs for me whose name in the credits meant a careful viewing. Some of his images in THE INNOCENTS give me goosebumps just sitting here thinking about them."
--Mike O'Connor, at the CHFB

Interviews with Freddie Francis can be found here:

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