Wednesday, September 5, 2007

More "Chupacabra in Texas" news!

At the site Earthfiles, one Linda Moulton Howes has a lengthy report, with photos, on the odd animal carcass found by Phylis Canion, as well as an interview with Ms. Canion. (Ms. Canion is ironically referred to as Ms. "Carion" in one humorous typo.)

Whatever this animal was (mangy deformed coyote or unknown canine breed), it looks weirder than the photos of the severed head alone indicate. From the pics of the head, I'd entertained the notion of a hoax-- a shaved, decapitated dog's head was being classified as some cryptozoological beast. Now, with the photos of the whole carcass, I'm thinking, "Yep, it's a mangy deformed coyote." But if turns out to be something else, something previously unclassified, then perhaps it is the basis for the legendary tales of the "chupacabra".

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Pierre Fournier said...

I love the expression "mangy deformed coyote". I'll try to fit it into my conversation today.


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