Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Hallowe'en is for kids of all ages...

...so if you think this blog is already almost too juvenile in its focus, you might want to check back in early November.

Among other things, I'll be posting Hallowe'en jokes and riddles from old kid's books. (Gotta check to see if they've run on the Johnrozum.blogspot.com site first, though; seems we had the same idea!) Here's a sample:

Monster #1: Am I late for dinner?
Monster #2:
Yes, everyone's eaten.

Why did the giant monster bring a root beer to Pittsburgh?
To have something to wash it down with!

Where do werewolves go shopping?
The maul.

991/2 Spooky Jokes, Riddles & Nonsense, written by Holly Kowitt. Scholastic, Inc.)

To finish this post, I now bring you photos of cat humiliation, starring my own furry-faced dependents (to pay them back in advance for the next time one of them coughs up on my pillow-- mwah ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!):

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