Tuesday, November 13, 2007

You must read this! I command you!

The best way to read a post in this blog is to wait a few days until after the post is added. (Stop! Keep reading this post today!) I often have to go back and fix up typos. Or I may add pictures, or even add more text.

Today I've done all three. Which is why I say to go back to my post on Sunday, November 11. I've added more to my interview with Terry Ingram. (For those of you who read it before and insist on only reading the new parts, check out the second paragraph of Terry's first answer, and also questions/answers #8 and #9.) Hey, we talk about sex, so go already!

Oh, WAIT! Also go see this post to see three new pictures. (Including a witch's hat fight! And Zorro mauling Little Bo Peep!) Some of the pics had been deleted accidentally-- whether by Blogger or by the DSH, I dunno.

Last recommendation. Go check out the comments for this post at the outstanding and intelligent Frankensteinia website. The 15th and 16th comments in particular. Pierre, the scholar behind the site, seems to think he can catch the old drunken severed head with his pants down! HAH! I don't wear any pants!

If he crosses into the good ol' U.S. of A., (and of course, like every Canadian suffering under the maple leaf yoke, he WILL want to), I'll bite him on the nose.

Assuming he has one.


John Rozum said...

Sure, Max, just like the DVD companies. As soon as I buy a DVD, I learn that in just a few weeks a new version will be out, cheaper and with lots of bells and whistles I'd actually want to watch.

You big meanie ;{

Pierre Fournier said...

Ha! Mister Severed Head Knowitall! What you are not telling your readers is how I stumped you with the question “Name one actor who NEVER played Frankenstein’s Monster” and you couldn’t come up with a single name!

Max the drunken severed head said...


I'll gladly refund DOUBLE what you paid for the original posts! Is that the offer of a meanie? (A weinie, maybe, but not a meanie!)


I'm speechless! (But when I find a speech, boy, will I recite it at you!)


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