Saturday, March 22, 2008


A week ago, I posted about the closing of INCREDIBLY STRANGE VIDEO, a local store offering the best in macabre and unusual dvds, videotapes, posters, magazines, posters, t-shirts and collectables-- great place that was going to be missed. Well, go back and read that entry, because I've added a photo of this besotted noggin with Bruce Lentz, the hard-rockin' owner. I've also added both a link to an online article about the closing of ISV, as well as links to web pages where you can listen to Bruce singing! (He's the vocalist and main songwriter of the horror rock band FORBIDDEN FIVE.)

One of the most popular posts here at TDSH is about artist Linda Miller, who specializes in black and white watercolors inspired by old horror movies. I've added five new pictures by Linda to this post, as well as a comment under a portrait of characters Dr. Pretorious and Karl, from the movie The Bride of Frankenstein. So...

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