Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Lost photo of Lugosi Frankenstein test found!

Bela Lugosi, star of the 1931 film DRACULA and a hot new star at Universal studios following the release of that film, was to play the part of the Monster in Universal's FRANKENSTEIN. He was even in some preliminary footage made for the studio.

How he appeared no one living today knows for sure. No footage or pictures have ever turned up. UNTIL NOW! The Drunken Severed Head has uncovered a photo of Lugosi during his FRANKENSTEIN makeup test, and you can see this amazing artifact of cinema history by clicking here.


Max the drunken severed head said...

Pierre at the blog FRANKENSTEINIA is SOOO jealous! Hee hee!

John Rozum said...

Wow! Wow! Wow! Max, expect your home to be bombarded by the media, I've contacted them all on your behalf so that you can break this startling news to the eager world. David Colton promises this will be on the front page of USA TODAY. Forry Ackerman wept with delight when I told him what you'd uncovered. He wants to start up a new magazine just so he can feature that fangtastic foto find. That's what he told me. I kid you not. I told my friend, April that I was certain that you would be the one to discover a pristine print of "London After Midnight" and told her she was a fool if she believed otherwise.

An occassion like this calls for a drink! I salute you my friend.

Pierre Fournier said...

Now that this amazing picture has been found, we can only hope that it gets lost again!

Anonymous said...

I call "rerun!"

AND - "April 1st is only ONE day!"

-Fool-ish Craig W.

Allen's Brain said...

I raise a pint to you, Max, for that pic. (What? I've gotta pay for it?)


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