Saturday, April 26, 2008

Woodland and Cemetery Visit, Part 2

This is an observation tower we found in a park, called North Park, which was located smack dab in the middle of the woods. Naturally, I imagined someone being thrown from the top of it. It sure looks haunted, and I certainly hope that it is. (Click on the photos to enlarge.)

We found an old German Lutheran cemetery. The old headstones and had interesting details and sculpture:

Names seen there were interesting, too.

I could not find "John B" among these graves:

I saw this family name and thought: Not any more! (Apologies to any readers with this appellation.)

The cemetery was open to all comers:

I love the art details sometimes found on gravestones. In the above picture, the engraving at the top resembles, to my mind, two tattooed tadpoles butting heads, with a flower caught between them.

Epitaphs are often interesting-- some are truly sad, and some are bathetic. Many are conventional, but a few are arrestingly original. The lines below are fall somewhere in the middle of these measures, I think:

The lines, badly worn, read "Thou wert a gift of love divine/ Thy genius, grace, and virtue shine/ In light serene/ We hope with thee to dwell/ Till then, Louisa, a dear farewell"

And I'm tired, so I'll say "Farewell" -- until the next post!


John Rozum said...

I'm enjoying your recent posts, Max. Based on the first photo in this one, maybe you should contact the men of Kinshasa and let them know that one of their missing penises (peni?) has been found!

Dave said...

That tower kind of reminds me of Castle Craig in Meriden, Connecticut. Some rich guy built it on his property on the highest hill overlook Meriden. It's called a castle, but all it is is just the tower. They say on a clear day you can see from the top of the tower all the way to the Long Island Bay. Don't know because it never seems to be a clear enough day to see that


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