Saturday, July 12, 2008

25th Annual 24 Hour Ohio Sci-Fi Marathon: Part Three

The final batch of photos from this event was to be posted here, but some were lost in a computer crash. However, below are pics from the event's costume contest, which was fun.

Below are the finalists. As you can see, there's the Ro-Man from Robot Monster, Fido the pet zombie and his keeper from the recent film Fido, cartoon mouse genius Brain in his "human suit" from the show Pinky and the Brain, and Mothra from Mothra and other Toho films.

The contestants were judged by audience reaction, and the two most popular were Ro-Man and Mothra. A mock battle between the two made the crowd go wild (one of the highlights of the Marathon); finally neither entrant prevailed for the most audience applause and both were declared winners. Yaaaay!

Well, that wraps up my report on the 25th Marathon; there were nice topless female fotos I'd hoped to share from one of the previews of classic schlock sci-fi screened, but I lost 'em in the computer crash. So I'll just substitute a picture of another topless woman-- one who turned to stone!
This picture makes me think of food-- because when it comes to eating, you gotta hand it to the Venus de Milo!

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Anonymous said...

Actually, this brings to mind the low-budget Sci-Fi movie "The Lost Arms of Venus". And then there's the time when vandals broke into the Louvre Museum in Paris and attached arms to the Venus de Milo.



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