Sunday, July 13, 2008

Carnival of Souls -- the music video

Not a music video based on Herk Harvey's 1962 film, but a video by Kelly Mann with a creepy Verne Langdon musical (de)composition of the same name as its soundtrack.

The video is a montage of eerie images set to a theater organ/calliope version of the Langdon tune, heard on Langdon's CD release, The Carnival of Souls Collection. (Physical copies available for purchase here, and for download purchase here; brief previews of the tracks can be heard at the latter link.) Recommended.

Verne Langdon is the musician (and makeup artist, professional clown, and mask maker) who recorded the classic spooky records Vampyre at the Harpsicord and Phantom of the Organ, among others. (Some of you will recall seeing 'em advertised in the back of Famous Monsters magazine.) The music in Carnival of Souls will bring back fairground memories to its listeners, and probably Halloween ones, too.

That reminds me. One Halloween back in the '8os, I sat in a movie palace, The Orpheum in Memphis TN, and listened to the stage manager play strange and spooky music on the magnificent Mighty Wurlitzer organ for me and some friends. I can remember the vividly weird images the music brought to mind; it was one of my best Halloween experiences.

So go click on the link and get a little creeped out.

Update: If you like the Kelly Mann/Verne Langdon video linked to above, then you'll want the hi-rez, expanded video that will be on dvd! Coming out August 1rst, from Warren Music Group. Coming to an online retailer near you!

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toyranch said...

I always loved Verne Landon's records when I was a kid, and his masks too. That continues today, and his collaborations with the Mask Doctor always turn up something wonderful. Thanks for letting us know, Max!


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