Sunday, July 13, 2008

The severed head of NANCY

Can you supply a caption to this comic strip panel? I'm not sure it needs one-- it's sweet enough just to see the (seemingly) severed head of Sluggo's gal pal in a funny hat.

If you find any unlikely "severed head" pictures from old comic strips or comic books, send 'em to me!

I need to see Archie as a living severed head...or maybe Snoopy...

Update: I foolishly forgot to credit the source of the panel above. I found it at the excellent blogsite, Pappy's Golden Age Blogzine, specifically at this entry. The site is a favorite of mine.


Karswell said...

Lots of severed heads over at my blog Max... lots of severed everything in fact.

Wich2 said...

Play "Five Card Nancy"!

Allen's Brain said...

Sluggo resigned himself to the fact, Nancy had become a vampire. He regretted inviting her to his birthday party at all, as he stuffed her mouth with garlic.

Allen's Brain said...

She weighed as much as a duck, but Sluggo's mom wouldn't let him start a fire.


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