Friday, July 18, 2008

The Blind Date of Coffin Joe

This is Jose Mojica Marins as Coffin Joe, ready to blind someone (presumably not a date.) In the '60s and 70s Marins directed and starred in several Brazilian cult horror films as this character.

And below is Raymond Castile as Coffin Joe. I took this photo of my friend Raymond, a reporter in the St. Louis area, back in 2003. In 2007, scenes featuring him as a young Coffin Joe were shot for Marins' 2008 Brazilian release Embodiment of Evil (Encarnação do Demônio). *

Raymond has produced his first short film, a parody called The Blind Date of Coffin Joe. It's a gasser, kids! Really funny. (Click on the title above to see the film.)

Here's the plot description from the host site: "Fan-made tribute to Coffin Joe (Zé do Caixão) and the films of José Mojica Marins. Coffin Joe has spent years and killed many people in his quest to find the "superior woman" to bear his child. Now he has come to the United States, where he will try a new approach - his own reality TV dating show. But where Coffin Joe is concerned, the line between "reality" and nightmare is indistinguishable."

An amazing first effort-- ya can't tell it IS his first! Raymond Castile: Rondo Award winner, journalist, and now comedian! AND friend of a drunken severed head! What a unique (in)human being!

* Click here to read the amazing story of how Raymond accidentally came to Marins' attention, despite living on separate continents, and wound up cast in Marins' latest film!


Pierre Fournier said...

THanks for that link, Raymond Castile's diary of his Coffin Joe adventure is fascinating. And congrats on having been instrumental in getting this started by taking that first picture!

Belle Dee said...

I love this short! It's terrific. Raymond looks just like Coffin Joe.


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