Tuesday, August 26, 2008

How my mind works

Recently, Jane the Voodoo Queen and I were out in the woods of a park north of us, enjoying the nice weather. Jane was interested in the flora and fauna, and hoping to find interesting stuff like old bottles, or unusual rocks, lying on the forest floor. (I actually started to type "florist four," as that was what I mumbled while pecking at the keys.) Me, I like that stuff too, but I had to laugh when I realized that I was hoping to find animal skulls or bones. (I didn't dare hope to find a human bone or skull-- that would be so cool that I'd likely faint. Then there'd be temptation of wanting to keep it to myself, when I oughtta turn it over to the authorities. Sigh.)

When thinking earlier today about "how my mind works", I remembered that when I was a kid, I was excited to read that Giant and Night of the Iguana would be on TV-- and being disappointed they weren't horror movies.

Speaking of movies-- and things that run through my head-- I thought up three titles for musicals I want to see come out of Bollywood:

Hair Krishna
Vishnu, Pussycat?
Hello Kali!

Why have there been no movies made anywhere that feature a giant, man-eating clown? THAT would be scary. Here's a picture from the Flickr account of one "Vidiot" that ought to inspire prospective screenwriters for such a film:

The things I think about! Clearly, I need help...and I think I'll help myself to another drink.


Anonymous said...

Don't feel too bad - I also go on nature hikes hoping to unearth some bones. I totally disgusted my husband when I watched a dead deer sit in a field for three months and then went and grabbed its skull. :)

Max the drunken severed head said...

TRES cool!

Rozum said...

Well, now I know who beat me to that skull.

I think the reason that there aren't any giant man-eating clown movies (though I'd be first in line if there were) is that the incident shown in the photo you posted is still too fresh in the minds of most Americans. I bet studio heads worry that there would be a public outcry for their being insensitive to the families of the victims from that horrible day. Give it a few years, Max. Once the scars have started to heal, we'll see our giant clown movie.

Rozum said...

Me again.

Max if you go to youtube and type in "Little Girl Giant" you'll see something that will astonish you.

Allen's Brain said...

Ah yes! The Florist Four, that fantastic flower merchant boy band! I love their song, "I wanna plant one on ya'"!


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