Saturday, August 30, 2008

Fewdio's latest!

What's FEWDIO, you ask? Weh-heh-hell, I'll tell you!

Fewdio Entertainment is a group of five guys who've worked in show biz as screenwriters, directors, actors, and producers, and who are making short horror films together. Exploring alternative avenues of distribution to get their horror films seen, they're rapidly creating buzz at horror websites, blogs, and forums with their sometimes horrifying, sometimes twistedly funny flicks. The Drunken Severed Head is going to be keeping tabs on this interesting bunch, and you will want to, too. This month, their web site debuted, (it's the web's first all-horror-shorts site) and I recommend you take a peep at it.

They describe FEWDIO as "a sinister entity that brings your darkest nightmares to life in rapid bursts of story and film which feed on your terror, horror, and grief." They leave out the fact that some of their films have a dark and inside-out sense of humor, but they do.

Previously I wrotten -- I've wroted -- I posted about them, and their first film The Easter Bunny Is Eating My Candy, (a gory gag film) here.

Ladies, and gentlemen, the latest odd offering from the frightening folk of FEWDIO:

Audio interview clips with the men of Fewdio can be found at the excellent site Dead Harvey, which reports on independent horror filmmaking. Check it out!


Sam's mistress said...

Aw, man, you did what??? I didn't even get myself off the ground, yet!

I am flattered. Seriously! Thanks!

I'm gonna start up officially pretty soon - and I'd just LOVE to get my dirty little paws upon The Easter Bunny Is Eating My Candy!

Thanks for sharing that, love!

Allen's Brain said...

Funny. That's what I call my boxers.


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