Thursday, September 25, 2008

Cartoons from Meek

While re-reading my e-mail correspondence with Linda "Meek" Miller,
I found some cartoons from Mad and The New Yorker that she photocopied and sent to me. I chose a few to share here because they typify her sense of humor. All rights belong to the artists and magazines the cartoons appeared in and are shared here only temporarily.

There was a sadness in Meek, and shyness was a feature of her makeup, too. She understood that an appreciation of the dark and macabre is not often gotten easily, but can come with a price. And she loved puns and wordplay-- so naturally the cartoon above appealed to her.

Of course she would send a cartoon about monsters and drunkeness to me.

I'm sure she appreciated the great black-and-white art of the amazing Sergio Aragones, a cartoonist who has been both prolific AND funny for several decades.

I'm sure she sent the above to represent the company she kept-- friends made through sites like
Universal Monster Army, Lugosiphilia, and Monster Bash.

Friends who will remember her as long as they live. And maybe longer.

1 comment:

Mina Jade said...

The picture of the drunken vampire was creepy, when I realized how got he drunk...


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