Sunday, September 14, 2008

Add vice

Reader Helen Noffis, a noted political consultant, wrote me to ask how I come to decisions. "If I am to consider voting for you, I must know the way you evaluate a problem. Please release a statement on how you seek advice and describe your decision-making style."

Well, Ms. Nosy Parker, I often use the internet (unlike at least one candidate running for President, I know how to) and, in fact, I usually consult this source of wisdom when making decisions.

But I'm not partisan. Sometimes I reach across the divide to consult respected voices of experience.

I thank former First Lady Nancy Reagan for pointing out to me these valuable resources.

A related article to improve the quality of advice you get when making decisions can be found at this link.

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Allen's Brain said...

When I asked the Magic 8-Ball about running for public office, I was told "Don't risk your neck." No problem there.
The Corpse Bride Ouija Board asked me if I wanted to get a head.

Seems like a good sign that I should run for veep--or perhaps run from a jeep. It's all still a bit unclear.

I can neither confirm nor deny the rumor that I have decided to run for President of Vice of the United States.


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