Saturday, September 13, 2008

Vetting a veep possibility

Over at his blog, Allen's Brain, I asked the bottle blue brain about his past. You can see his answer there, but I'm cross-posting the answers here in the interests of transparency.

That, and because it gives me free material for this blog.

Max TDSH: I think I may choose YOU to be my running mate. Anything embarrassing in your past I should know about?

Allen's Brain: Um, not since I gave up my body.

There is my somewhat unpopular stance on stem cell research and genetic engineering, of course. How do our constituents feel about my atomic super-race of Lizard Men?

Additionally, I'm not only in favor of global warming, I'm causing it--to better help my asparagus men to grow.

If that's too much for the voters, may I suggest the pickled head of Peter Lorre?


TDSH readers, send in more questions for me to ask this contained cerebrum!


Anonymous said...

Ask him what he'd do for a sagging economy.

I'd like to know his stance on foreign policy. Are there weapons of mass destruction in Borogravia--and what should be done about them?

Illegal immigration is certainly a concern these days. What does Allen's Brain suggest be done about the sudden influx of gypsy fortune tellers that are stealing carnival jobs from hard-working Americans?

Isn't it true that the Brain has--on repeated occasions--accepted campaign contributions from organized undead crime syndicates in the New Orleans?

-A concerned felon

Max the drunken severed head said...

You can be sure these questions will be put to the brain.

I am having him thoroughly vetted-- in fact, Allen's Brain was getting examined for distemper only today!


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