Wednesday, October 8, 2008

31 Days of Halloween: Pack-O-Fun 1963 Pt. 2

Eerily prescient back in 1963, those folks at Pack-o-Fun magazine. In an article on Halloween party games, they want kids to link a famous politician to Islamic fundamentalists! *

And above we have an illustration for a skit. Looks to me like the "convention" is headed by a nun's ghost, and what the hell is the cowboy's ghost wrestling with in his lap? Looks like he's wringing a sausage under his sheet!

Nice to see another use being made of a Hula Hoop in the party crafts article above. Back when I had a body, I never could make those things work.

Here's a Halloween party as envisioned by the Pack-O-Fun editors. Let's see-- a gypsy girl is ignoring the attention of a Klansman, the Headless Horseman has had his head handed to him by Peter Pan and Hopalong Cassidy's sidekick, while a Native American wanna-be prepares to whiz on the floor (can't handle his firewater!), and a cruel dom and dominatrix force two male slaves to eat like animals.

A Pack-O-Fun reader sent the magazine this Halloween craft idea:

Is that a robot Chico Marx head in the middle?

Lastly, the magazine concludes with a wonderfully tacky and yet gruesome craft idea using real bones!

* The "Halloween Party Games scan is not altered. The game instructions actually say it's fun to take turns "disguising" pictures of famous people with cutouts, but the example they used is ironically funnier now than it was then.

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