Tuesday, October 14, 2008

31 Days of Halloween: St. Louis cemeteries, Part 2

For a previous post, I shared some photos (all real and none Photoshopped!) that I took some time back while exploring cemeteries in the St. Louis area. Reader Pierre Fournier of Frankensteinia commented, "The Frankenstein headstone is great. Now find one that says "Nosferatu" and you've really got something!"

Well, I never saw one that read "Nosferatu," but how do you like this one?

I hear he died from wire hanger injuries inflicted by Joan Crawford...

And since my "Frankenstein" headstone photo got positive comments, I'll share another headstone from the same family:

I believe Herbert and Clara Frankenstein were the title characters in The Son-in-Law and Daughter of Frankenstein.

Here's an unusual classical-Egyptian-style mausoleum that impressed me. It made me wonder if the man inside had been mummified instead of embalmed...

A family of veterinarians?

The birth date on the marker below is on the left-- and the death date is......where?

An immortal? Perhaps a vampire!

A note to the gravediggers to keep busy?

Insert your own pun here:

(Oh, if only a member of the Hooker family was buried in the adjacent plot!)

No silly caption for the above photo. Just a lovely dusk at the cemetery...

(Oh, hell, I might as well get it out of my system.)

...the time of day when the ZOMBIES come out in search of brains! "They're coming to get you, Barbara!")

Alright, I'll close in a more serious and reverent manner. Here's a photo of an interior wall of a mausoleum-- and its stained glass beautifully glowed at dusk:

And last, a unique sculpture marker for a couple that must have been known for their love for each other:

He had to go on for nearly forty years without her...

(Don't fear the reaper)
Baby, take my hand...
(Don't fear the reaper)
We'll be able to fly...

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