Monday, October 13, 2008

An election I just MIGHT win!

I got some good news recently-- I'm nominated for a Craggy Award!

What's that, you say?

Well, it's an award voted on by listeners to Cult Radio-A-Go-Go! That's an internet radio station that features music for people with strange tastes! (Like me.) And live interviews with people who do strange things-- like make cult movies, or macabre art or music, or any number of things out of the mainstream! (Such as writing oddball blogs like this one.) I was the guest on one live segment last April, and was nominated by listeners for the annual gargoyle-shaped award that CRAGG hosts Terry and Tiffany Dufoe confer on the winners of the vote. (I need more gargoyle tchotkes in my home --I really do, I love 'em!-- so vote for me.)

Gotta admit I'm up against some stiff competition: writers Rich Scrivani and John Stanley, artist Frank Dietz, and filmmakers Ted Newsom, Don Glut, and Kevin Sean Michaels. And others. But Rich, Frank, Ted and Don are all people I know and talk to, and like very much. (So please give them reason to be both shocked and jealous when they next talk to me-- and give me your vote!)

Here's an excerpt from an e-mail announcement sent to me:

"Final voting to elect the winner of this year's CRAGGY Award for Best Independent Artist is going on now and will be open for voting through October 31st. On Saturday, November 1st during Cult Radio Live, we will announce the results and crown the title winners for this year. Winners in each category will receive a CRAGGY Award, a gargoyle statuette in the image of our mascot CRAGG the Drive-In Movie Gargoyle... plus they will have the compliment of knowing that the listeners voted for THEM as the award winners are completely decided by the public!"

"To vote, all people have to do is visit and click on the CRAGGY Awards vote link at the top of the page!"

This award will fill an existential void in my life. Really. I'm on bended neck, asking for your vote. There are tears in my eyes as I peck the keyboard keys with my nose. Vote for me-- give me the sweet taste of hope that I so long for-- today.

So long for today.

Well, did you vote yet?

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GFS3 said...

Win, my friend, win!


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