Tuesday, November 4, 2008

It's Election Day!

At least it is here in the US of A.

Here at Max the Drunken Severed Head/Allen's Brain headquarters (above) we're discussing the polls. They all seem to show we're trailing Obama and McCain by a gi-normous margin. But I don't believe we're going to eat electoral dust. No! I believe we can come from behind!

What? --Sorry, blog readers-- Allen's Brain is next to me saying, "You came from a behind!" (Never give alcohol to a rogue VP candidate who is prone to going off-message.)

But I'm putting on my best face (I saved 50% on it at a post-Halloween sale) as I'm in this race to win!

So back to work manning the phones. I may call you. I'm trying to reach out to every typical Max TDSH voter (and I hope such a voter typically looks like this):

Now, to amuse you, the great erectorate, I present some political images and video that's funny and/or weird.

First, the best bumper stickers and buttons of the campaign (other than my own):

And the most wacky video:


Gray Witch said...

Satan IS the lesser of two evils in this fucker. Good luck!

John Rozum said...

Max, I don't have high hopes for your campaign. It seems that the ballots have all been tampered with. I voted this morning and my children pointed out that you weren't on the ballot!

I still say that no matter what the polls amy indicate you'll always be a head.


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