Wednesday, March 25, 2009

2008 Rondo Awards

Now that the shock has worn off, I have to tell you how amazed I am that I placed as high as as a close SECOND for best blog. GEEZ LOUISE! To get that far is quite a pat on the back--I mean head-- for TDSH. Who do I lose to? Only a guy who has a respected monthly film magazine in the U.S. and Canada, and a number of prestigious books to his credit. This is like losing to Einstein on Jeopardy!

It probably helped that I plastered in cities across America these posters on telephone poles, walls of abandoned buildings, bar restrooms, and any convenient spot I could find:

I think people who saw them felt a sense of hope, and said to themselves, "Can we really game the Rondo Awards with something as crappy as The Drunken Severed Head?" And they said to themselves, "YES WE CAN!" The results speak volumes. My friend Pierre Fournier of the Frankensteinia blogsite told me on the phone that it proved that Barnum was right!

In gratitude to my many friends out there voting for TDSH, there will some heapin' helpings of free cheesecake in the coming days! A real hubba-hubba hellabaloo!


Brian D. Horrorwitz said...

Second place!? Does this mean I don't get that 3 bucks?

Max the drunken severed head said...

Damn skippy!

Gary D Macabre said...

hold out for $1.50

Brian D. Horrorwitz said...

Damn Skippy? So you're saying I'm getting some possessed peanut butter as a consolation prize?

Max the drunken severed head said...

Yeah! A buck and half and a possessed PBJ sammich! (It'll make your head spin!)

The Greek said...

Congrats on your runner-uppitude!


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