Friday, March 13, 2009

A De-Lux read!

YOU like the band The Cramps -- of course you do. So you, like me, were supremely bummed to hear of the recent too-soon death of singer/songwriter Lux Interior.

Well, you oughta go over to the Taking IN the Trash blog to read a very good appreciation (illustrated with art and video) of Lux and The Cramps, written by my friend Brian Horrorwitz, a friend of Lux and his wife Ivy.

BTW, I had no idea what Lux looked like for many years; as I listened to his music I imagined him looking just like the Stephen Blickenstaff drawing on one the Cramps' albums, Bad Music for Bad People:

Image source
: Stephen Blickenstaff's Art Gallery


Diane said...

i did a little tribute to him on my blog.

first time i heard them i actually found BMFBP on vinyl at the big old library in atlanta. i think i was like 12. i was hooked right away. i kept that record checked out as long as i possibly could.

my mom wouldnt buy the album for me so i ended up playing the album and recording it by holding up a tape player next to the speaker.

oh yea!!!

heading over to check out your link!

Max the drunken severed head said...

Thanks for commenting, Diane!

Here's the link to Diane's notice of Lux's death:

Brian D. Horrorwitz said...

Max, thanx for posting the link. Diane, that's a great story about how you had to record the Cramps album. I recorded a few albums that way too when I was young but I wasn't hip enough at 12 to own a Cramps LP. Of course they didn't have any records out at that point but that's besides the fact.


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