Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I overlooked "The Wonder Awards"!

The excellent online version of Cinefantastique ("the Website with a Sense of Wonder") last month announced the winners of their first "Wonder Awards" for achievement in science fiction, fantasy, and horror films in 2008, and I missed it! If you did too, go HERE and see the list of winners. I think this may become an award to watched -- it has gotten off to an impressive start. It may be a tad too inclusive (Quantum of Solace and Speed Racer are kinda iffy nominees, IMO), but that is a very minor quibble. Some amazing bloggers (including some fellow LOTT D members) are part of the selection process.

Interestingly, they have created a special "Ulmer Award" for overlooked low budget films that can't get the distribution that would gain national attention. A fantastic ("fantastique"?) idea, with an inspired name.

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