Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Back again, oh weird world o' blogging...

Well, except for a coupla cursory posts, I've been pretty quiet around here. That's because the Voodoo Queen and I took a vacation. We took in the first day of Wonderfest in KY (that's KY as in "Kentucky," not jelly) and went on to Arkansas, my home state, to visit family. I saw my parents and my half-brother and half-sister. (Oops, that sounds like I've got a hermaphrodite sideshow sibling!) I mean my half-brother AND my half-sister. They were a full brother and sister, but later worked for a bad magician.

Wonderfest was amazing. I spent a lot of time wondering and festering! (Gawd, I love that joke. I used it two years ago when I first went to Wonderfest, and I'll probably use it again.)

Some pictures and wonderful comments have been posted at message boards about the Universal Monster Army's displays at Wonderfest this year. As Memorial Day, a day for remembrance, has just passed, I want to focus on the exhibits remembering two people very important to me, Forrest J. Ackerman and artist Linda Miller.

Robert Taylor, Raymond Castile and Joe Moe created a touching and awesome tribute to Forry Ackerman and to Famous Monsters for the display.

(Right click on larger photos and click on "view image" to see the full photo.)


The images used here are from Harry Woodbury and Raymond Castile, two gracious, nice guys who are both excellent photographers!

One of the many highlights of Wonderfest (for me) was talking to uber-collector and gorilla-suit actor Bob Burns about the late Linda Miller. "Meek" is still missed by many.

I helped just a bit with unloading and setting up the UMA display, but the contribution I'm proudest of was helping to produce an exhibit of Linda's monster art for the display. I had the idea and the photos. Raymond produced and shaped the exhibit, and then we arranged the art together, with much assistance from Robert Taylor and my wife Jane. Raymond and I worked on the text.


An article on Linda will appear in the next issue of SCARLET magazine, which will debut at next month's Monster Bash.


Wich2 said...

Great stuff, Max.

It's been my curse to get most active in Monster Kid fandom, just as I was going through a tight belt budget period...

Though I have had the pleasure of "mini-meetings" with fellow ghouls (as just this week, with the UMA's "Crazy Ivan"),it's nice to be kept posted on the group fests.

-Craig W.

Hollygoyle said...

One of these days I'm gonna go to Wonderfest, since it's here in town. The place I work printed the flyers and brochures for it and I really was tempted to go. But, as usual, life gets in the way.

Oh, well. Glad you got to see it. :)


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