Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Birthday of a severed head!

Above: I was one lucky drunken severed head the year Coffin Joe (or is it Coffin Ray?--I can never remember) helped me celebrate my birthday!

As today is my birthday, I feel free to post on anything I feel like sharing. Well, I feel like sharing photos I took on a window-shopping outing I took last June--though it wasn't on my birthday. Among other places, Jane and I went to Mars and visited a costume shop! (Click on the pics below to enlarge.)

Mars, Pennsylvania, that is--and the surrounding area. Here's the front of the costume shop we visited:

Here's the side:

A sign on the door that made me laugh:

Cool costumes, props, toys and masks awaited inside.

A severed head greeted us:

Below: Boney McPirate screams, "Avast, ye mortals!" (Or is that "'alf-assed, ye mortals"?):

The same picture is more dramatic with the flash off:

Legal aliens:

Jane the Voodoo queen finds a toy to play with!

Some very lonely-looking Frankenstein Monster masks from the movie Van Helsing:

After the costume shop, we went back to Pittsburgh and visited Big Lots, where I took a photo of a cool monster figure that I successfully resisted buying:

We saw a giant leprechaun on the way back. Thank God he had his gold (and a few mellowing beers), or else he might have been dangerous in the high traffic area:

Then we saw a giant eggman (John Lennon would have been pleased):

Once we reached Pittsburgh, we drove around, and saw buildings that made us think even more of giants:

Across the street, an axe for a rockin' 50 foot woman:

And next to the credit union, a closed and forlorn, possibly abandoned warehouse for a wholesale toy and novelty company, with interesting but lonely faces in the windows:

I went to the front door, which was painted over, mostly:

But I got the camera up against a hole in the paint and found, amongst piles of junk, a mysterious message written on a column:

All of this would have been enough to make my day great, but waiting at home was a package from my good friend Jim Bertges. Inside, an old Aurora guillotine model with a figure that had my face on it! Good for hours o' head-choppin' fun! Hoo-hah!

Today can't be any better than that day. But with the great birthday wishes I've already seen posted online, and with ones sent to my e-mail inbox, it's gonna be just as good. I couldn't be happier!

Happy birthday wishes to anyone out there born on this date, and happy non-birthday wishes to everyone else!


suzanne said...

Admittedly, it will be difficult to top that day. But I believe you can meet this challenge. Happy Birthday!

John Rozum said...

Happy Birthday once again, Max. I enjoyed the pictures and see that I was meant to make my rendezvous at that novelty company a day later than I did. I feel bad being angry for being stood up now.

The guillotine is an mazing gift, so amazing that I know I could never top it, so I won't even try. So, don't expect a present from me.

The Little Giant Federal Credit Union photo has all sorts of strange phenomenon I'm surprised you didn't point out; the weird Mr. Potato Head-chicken-human child hybrid hovering in the upper window, the two ghostly figures seen in the windows just below and to the left and right of the number 600 seeming to photograph you and Jane as you were doing the same to them. Are you sure you weren't in Eerie, PA?

Diane said...

happy birthday!!!

what an awesome day!! great pics! the note written on the door has me so curious!

thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Dear Max-

A happy birthday - surely, "the best of times."

(As Spock once said to Kirk.)


Brian D. Horrorwitz said...

Happy Burpday to youse,
Happy Burpday to youse,
Happy Burpday Dear Maxie,
Happy Burpday to yoooooouse!

(a bit late! sorry!)

Keep on keepin' on me brutha'!

~yer pal Brian

Max the drunken severed head said...

Thanks, everyone!

You are all the best and I shall raise multiple toasts of a fermented nature in your honor.


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