Saturday, June 6, 2009

My Stuff Saturday

Among the collectables I value are my Sideshow movie monster figures. And I'm especially charmed by my Wolf Man figure. He's so lifelike, it's uncanny! I mean uncanny in the strictest, sense--I can't figure out how it moves, but somehow it does. Fortunately, it never gives me trouble, really. It's easy to feed--

Though sometimes he's not too discriminating where he drinks--

And I've caught him doing things he oughtn't--

Things like that have sometimes scared my other monster toys, like my Cruickshank Phantom Doll--

He's had to jump up onto a table to keep away from Wolfie. But in spite of all that, I love my Wolf Man. Do you love yours? HEY!-- Now THERE'S something to say to strangers that'll keep 'em on their toes! (Knock knock) "Hi. I love my Wolf Man. Do you love yours?"

It'd be fun to watch their faces go through seven or eight expressions tryin' to figure out what the hell you mean!

Before they close the door, ask 'em if you can leave a pamphlet on the Wolf Man. If they say "yes," you can probably get a few bucks if you hold out a empty can. You can use the money to buy more Sideshow figures...


John Rozum said...

After reading this, I'm glad my Sideshow Wolf Man is still in its box.

Pierre Fournier said...

Thank you! I couldn't before but now I can actually say I've seen a picture of the Wolf Man drinking out of a toilet.


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