Monday, June 15, 2009

Strange But Lovely Creatures: Big Moths

This blog is about my taste in the unusual, in things horrible, strange, or tacky, and about my attraction to low humor. Well, I've got no cheap jokes for this post, but I do have a coupla nice pics of two weird beasties that could bump into you in the night.

I love looking at bugs, and the odder the better. On our trip last month to Kentucky and Arkansas, the Voodoo Queen and I saw some large and lovely moths. Not Mothra size, dammit, but jumbo-sized compared to most we see:

I know the bottom one is a Luna Moth, but not the name of the one shown in the top picture. I have never seen one of its kind before, and have seen a Luna Moth only once before in my life.

I was tempted to capture and keep both as specimens, but was persuaded not to by my better half. In fact we helped the top moth get up off the ground and fly back to patch of eggs it had laid high on the wall of the building we found it at.

Wouldn't want dreams of Mothra hunting me down to make a specimen outta me!

Okay, I lied when I said I had no cheap joke for this post. I remember this old chestnut--

Question: What's a specimen?
Answer: An Italian astronaut!

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The Greek said...

That's weird...I just recently saw two moths that looked just like the ones pictured up here in New Hampshire. I'd never seen anything like them before, and it freaked my wife out to a large degree. All I could think and say when gazing upon the non-Luna mothstrosity was "It's Mothra!".

Amazing and creepy as hell at the same time.



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