Monday, July 20, 2009

Ethel Mer-man

The male version of a mermaid is a merman. Well, here's a gender-bending singing merman I found on YouTube:

Okay, so he ain't a real MERMAN, but his costuming and singing certainly made me think of Ethel, crossed with King Neptune and Ursula the Sea Witch from The Little Mermaid. This is a Bulgarian singer named Azis. (Not sure how his name's pronounced; I just say "As is.") The similar Arabic name "Aziz" means "powerful" in Arabic, and this guy's big enough to look powerful--but I'm more frightened when he looks like this:

Here he reminds me of Michael Myers with his mask on--if the mask had a Van Dyke mustache and beard.

For "something completely different", as the Monty Pythonites used to say, see these Azis videos (where the pics are taken from):


Nikoj ne mozhe

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