Saturday, July 18, 2009

Classic toys of yesteryear: Morticia

A nearly 5' tall Morticia Addams doll, made by Aboriginals Ltd. and sold at F. A. O. Schwartz. Produced in 1962, prior to the ABC television show.


John Rozum said...

The only pictures of these I've ever seen gave no indication of scale. I had no idea they were so big. I occasionally look for them on ebay, where I'm sure I could never afford them, even if I could find one.

Great picture, Max.

J. Theakston said...

The only one I ever saw for sale recently went to auction at Hakes in March. Brought in $4,887.50!!

Max the drunken severed head said...

A very rare item. Possibly a Schwartz exclusive.

John, Jack--Thanks for the comments!

wich2 said...

"a Schwartz exclusive"

...only affordable by exclusive Schwartzs (and Smythes.)

Really a knockout - thanks, Max.



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