Wednesday, July 15, 2009

A future equal parts Frankenstein and George Romero

One of the U. S. military's technology contractors is developing a robot that has one of the most horrifying applications of any ever used on a battlefield: the ability TO EAT THE DEAD!

Good lord. Read more about it here.


John Rozum said...

Great, just one more time that automation has pushed me out of the job market.

Jordan in Texas said...


Woah. Sounds like we are getting a little too close to Terminator for comfort.

Quick, we gotta kill Dyson!

wiec? said...

wow. it even has a built in horror b-movie sounding name. EATR.

who needs biofuels made out of corn when we can use
roadkill to top off the tank?

Belle Epoque said...

Holy crap! (Or maybe it's Unholy Crap!, depending on your perspective). Let's just hope this dynamo doesn't have the capability to one day A) Reproduce B) Develop a mind of it's own.


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