Saturday, July 4, 2009

Sites to see

Recommended blogs is what's on offer today here at TDSH.

See and read more like this--

"I’m sorry, but Italian horror has never really done it for me. If I was spoiling for a fight (and I usually am) I’d say that Italian horror consists solely of big shiny knives, garish colours and ‘sexy’ women who actually aren’t sexy at all and look like drag queens."

at Igloo of the Uncanny, a blog of twisted movie reviews and strange ponderings.

See more like this

at The Cobwebbed Room, the blog of classic British monster pop culture.

Get to know this film/tv actor and author, Shane Briant (l)

at his blog, Worst Nightmares , which covers both his new psychothriller novel WORST NIGHTMARES and his daily life. He'll keep an eye out for you!

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